STROYKOMPLEKT - sale of copper pipes

Dear colleagues, if you are interested in promotion on the Russian market your exclusive core products, we will be glad to help you, using years of experience trading a wide range of pipes, refrigeration and other equipment.

On the grounds of the exhibition, your goals and our capabilities are the same.

We will be happy to discuss possible mutually beneficial prospects of cooperation:

• The development of your business in Russia.

• Opening a business (for foreign companies), certification, etc.

• Promotion of your products on the Russian market.

• Providing a framework for the successful implementation of Your project.

Your questions, please send e-mail: for Vladimir.

Cooperation with China - is not only the prospect of development of the state as a whole , but also the potential benefits for companies of our friendly countries. About that Chinese industrial complex has many promising directions - say both politicians and business leaders in Russia. To date , cooperation with China is one of the priorities for the development of the Russian economy. The government is doing everything possible to cooperation between the two countries was as transparent as possible and fruitful.

At the moment, entered into force some stages of the development plan of cooperation with China . Now , our country is fully ready for the arrival of China's investments in various sectors of the economy of our country. This is primarily the construction of new business centers, an example of which is the business center of "Greenwood" , joint construction of new automobile plants , fruitful cooperation in metallurgy and agriculture . The secret of successful development of China is that the country has maintained an optimal model for the development of its own economy , where well- differentiated , both private and public business .

n fact, in Western countries reluctant to recall the fact that the Soviet Union was more successful in economic development, thanks to the fact that we had a mixed economy and adjustable . The economic policy of our country provides strong economic growth and improves the welfare of our citizens.
According to the statistics for the current year , a third of all investments from China accounted for by the public sector. By the way, 30% of these investments - an amount that exceeds the investment in fixed assets to the U.S. financial crisis.

In China , significantly increases the proportion of the urban population , which makes cooperation with China even more profitable and rewarding for entrepreneurs of both countries. To date , in Chinese cities is home to about 665 million 570 thousand people, and is just over 49% of the total population , and the rural population of 674 million 150 thousand people, which is 51 % of the total population . Furthermore, in China significantly increases the number of floating population .

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